Sunday, March 2, 2008

Attention Max - Great Marketing Comes With a Smile: MK299

Aside from sailing the ocean blue....I'm going to talk about a blog posted on the Attention Max Blog, the post titled Great Marketing Comes With a Smile for my Internet Marketing (MK299) class.


This blog post deals with the latest news and information regarding the world of marketing and media. The post focuses on smiling as an important marketing tool. Smiling is first considered acceptance and a basic human need, not to mention the fact that smiling causes calories to burn. Smiling creates confidence, fosters accessibility (can create anxiety or intimidation or even a calm feeling). Smiling breaks down barriers while at the same time is creating trust in others. Studies show that smiling actually makes a person more attractive as well; a key to sales. It is also known that "happiness is a byproduct of smiling," when someone smiles the receiver usually gains a feeling of happiness.

In regards to smiling as a key tool to marketing, the blog post states, "Smiling should start with employees, but the essence of smiling should extend to every aspect of brand experience. Does your logo embody the spirit and effects of smiling? How about your commercial messages or direct customer communications? How about the very product you offer customers? Does it come with a smile?"
In regards to my own blogs topic, Caribbean cruising, cruise employees most definitely use smiling as a key marketing tool. If cruise employees did not exemplify smiling, the cruisers would not have a good cruising experience and vacation. Those that work on cruises work mostly by months; for example, 6 months on (working) and 6 months off. When one trip leaves the cruise ship, another group of people are getting on. The employees are always seeing new people arrive on the ship; so in order to give these people a good cruising experience, they must always show excitement and enthusiasm with a smile, which will then allow the cruisers to be happy as well. Smiling is an excellent marketing tool that spreads rapidly and includes the best aspect; smiling has no costs involved...So the next cruise you go on, look at the employees and make sure that they are smiling and creating a strong brand image for the cruise line itself.
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