Friday, February 29, 2008

Types of Cruise Cabins - from Inside to Suites

When deciding to book a cruise, you must think about the type of room that you want to book. The style of cruise ship cabins range from inexpensive interior rooms to more expensive suites. From my experiences, I found cruise cabins to be more spacious than I had imagined. I was thinking I would be stuck in a room where there was no room to stand and only space to sleep and shower. My room was so large that we actually gathered together a few nights (at one point we even had 8 or 9 friends and family) in our interior cabin. As cruise cabins are obviously smaller than hotel rooms, it didnot seem to bother me and the other passangers I was with.

There are four main types of cruise cabins to choose from, beginning with the least expensive an ending with the most expensive: Interior Cabins, Ocean View Cabins, Balcony Cabins, and Suites.

Interior Cabins

Interior cabins do not have windows or views of the ocean. They get very dark when the door is closed. If you suffer from claustrophobia, and interior cabin may not be a perfect match for your needs. But if you plan on spending a minimal amount of time in your cabin, a majority of the time up on deck, and your cabin to mainly sleep and refreshen, interior cabins are the lease expensive and a cost-saving option.

Ocean View Cabins

Ocean view cabins have windows allowing the cruiser to view the ocean from the side of their ship with the convenience of not leaving their cabin. The cabin does not get as dark and allows light to come through. Ocean view allows you to see when you are getting close to land or see the land itself. These rooms though usually are not allowed to be opened and is priced only a few hundred more dollars a person more than interior cabins.

Balcony Cabins

Rather than just viewing the ocean outside of the ship, a balcony cabins allows you to be outside and feel the breeze off the water, smell the sea, and even hear the waves clashing against the ship. Balcony rooms are a lot more expensive than just a regular interior room, but it also gives you privacy of the ocean in the convenience of your own cabin. The balcony's are usually just enough room for two chairs and small table, but an excellent option if you want to privately view the ocean (just be aware of your surrounding neighbors with balcony's as well).


Suites are the largest style of cruise cabins with spacious room to walk around and also includes a spacious seating area and larger balcony (sometimes two doors to get out to the long balcony). Suites are also the most expensive types of cabins allowing many cruisers to sleep comfortably (from 4 to 8 passengers). Suites also consist of more than one spacious room. If you have the funds and are planning to spend a lot of time privately in your room (aka maybe a honeymoon) then a suite is a suitable cabin choice. But if you are not looking to spend a lot of time in your cabin, this may be not worth the costs and you should consider spending your money on excursions and other events on the cruise instead.

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

How the Government Uses the Internet: MK299

Aside from sailing the ocean blue....I'm going to talk about how the United States government uses the internet for my Internet Marketing (MK299) class.

As known, the government was the ones to first use the internet. Not only were they the first users, but they were also the inventors and creators of the internet. Created as a military defense project, the internet gained way into our world. Today, the United States government website is for all types of users. Below, find the print screen of the US's government website titled ( is the government website for everyone to use. The website is broken down into different sections:
For Citizens
-Kids, Parents, Seniors, Military and Veterans, Americans Abroad
For Businesses and Nonprofits
-Small Business, Self-Employed, Nonprofits, Corporations, Foreign Businesses in the U.S.
For Government Employees
-Federal Employees, Military and Veterans, State and Local Employees, Tribal Governments
For Visitors to the U.S.

Under each of these categories, there are things for people in each type of these categories that can benefit from using the website. Children can educate themselves about the government and its policies, businesses can learn how to receive grants, government employees can learn of their benefits, and visitors to the United States can learn a little more about the country and its government information. This website is very helpful, allowing the government to share its public information to all internet users.

Monday, February 11, 2008

What to Pack When Going on a Cruise

One thing that many do when packing for a cruise is pack way too much.

It is important to remember, though, that your luggage will be brought to your room the first night of the cruise. This means, you will not be able to access your luggage until it is delivered to your room (most of the time its around 4 to 5 hours after you arrive onto the ship). In this case, if you want to go swimming immediatley after arriving onto the ship, bring your swimsuit on a carry-on. If you want to redo your makeup, bring your cosmetics on a carry-on, etc...

Leaving Home Checklist
To ensure peace of mind while you are away, why not run over this last-minute checklist of things to do before you go?

> Have the post office hold your mail.

> Stop your newspaper delivery, or have a friend or neighbor
take them in for you.

> Leave copies of your passport, airline tickets, travelers checks
and any credit cards you plan to use with a family member or
trusted friend.

> Distribute your ship communications cards to friends and

> Place a card with your name and address inside your luggage,
as well as on the outside.

> Bring your travel and health insurance information and have it
handy at all times.

> Verify that your identification and travel tickets are in your
carry-on bag and will be available at all times.

Packing Tips For Cruises

  • Always ask your cruise agent about any specific clothing needs for your particular ship. Some ships have special requirements that may affect your packing plan (ie. Suits, Formal Gowns).
  • Try to pack clothing that is re-usable on the cruise. For example, a men's blazer may be used on a formal night if packaged with the proper shirt & tie. The same blazer can be used with an open-neck shirt or a less-formal shirt and tie for an informal night. A formal skirt can be mixed with different blouses and/or jackets for varying effects.
  • Formal nights are not necessarily extremely formal. Some passengers, who enjoy dressing up, will go all out with tuxedo's, long gowns, etc. On most seven-night cruises, this is not necessary. The majority of men wear a suit or blazer with white shirt and conservative tie on formal nights. Many women wear cocktail dresses, fancy dresses, or suits. It’s like getting dressed for a nice wedding.Young boys can wear nice slacks with a shirt and a tie. The more expensive the ship, the more likely that formal wear will be worn. (I definitly recomend everyone to experience formal dinning services...A MUST).
  • Many ships have self-serve laundry and ironing facilities in addition to the available washing and/or dry cleaning. Sometimes it makes sense to do a load or two during the cruise rather than pack enough of everything for your entire trip.
  • If you choose to travel with expensive jewelry, use the purser's safe when you're not wearing it. Although room safes are available on many ships, only valuables locked up in the purser's safe are covered under the ship's insurance (check you cruise contract, usually supplied with your cruise documents). Frankly, we'd recommend leaving your very expensive and/or priceless jewelry at home, or in your bank's safe deposit box-there will be plently of opportunities to buy New Jewelry!
  • In the tropics, use light cotton clothing as often as possible. You'll be cooler and more comfortable.
  • Do not plan to find space for a garment bag on an aircraft. Better to carefully pack your clothing in a suitcase than to jam it into an overhead compartment.
  • Instead of bringing full-size toiletries, like a full bottle of shampoo, save or purchase smaller plastic bottles and bring only what you need. Try sealing plastic bottles in zip-lock bags for added protection. Some cruiseliners (such as Carnival) provides shampoo and body wash.
  • Zip-lock baggies, preferably the thicker freezer-type, are great for keeping things dry, especially when you go to the beach. You can stuff your credit cards, driver’s licenses, cash, etc. in them and keep them safe inside your bathing suit. We recommend double-bagging them and you won’t have any problems with leakage.
  • There are several reasons to bring your cellphone with you on the cruise: 1) If you run into delays, you can call your cruise agent, airline, limo service, etc. without standing in line for a telephone; 2) You can use your telephone on the ship before it departs, and while it is still close to land; 3) You can make calls on the day you return. A cell phone is great for calling a cab or a ride from home, or making arrangements with friends who are already ashore; 4) Many ports have cellular service so that you can make calls directly without finding a phone booth. Cellular rates are usually much less than the ship's satellite rates. Some common cruising areas have surprisingly good coverage (The Bahamas, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Grand Cayman, to name a few), and if you have free roaming as a part of your service, the call might even be free; 5) You never know how a cell phone will help you in transit should an emergency arise. It givessomeone else the ability to call you, which is sometimes invaluable.
  • Since many ships are installing e-mail and internet capabilities, you may wish to bring along a list of important e-mail addresses and web site URL's. Although this can get expensive, you might find it worthwhile, particularly if you keep close track of an investment portfolio or have important e-mail messages.
  • If you really depend on a hair dryer, plan to bring your own. Even if the ship provides them, you may not find them to be powerful enough to handle your needs, particularly if you have long or heavy hair.
  • A pair of personal communications devices (as kids, we used to call these walkie-talkies) is useful in keeping track of your traveling companions on the ship. As ships become larger, it becomes more difficult to keep track of one another, and remember, cell phones will not work on the open seas. This is a perfect tool for young teenagers (check your batterysupply!). Some ships even offer them for rent during the cruise.
  • For Bermuda: Weather is beautiful from May through October, although cruising to/from New York or Boston can be quite cool in early and late seasons. Bermuda is in the Gulf Stream, while New York and Boston aren't, so be prepared for a change in weather!
  • Most cruise lines do not permit you to carry alcohol on board due to customs regulations- but there are plenty of ways to get it on...shhh...

This is only a brief list of some helpful tips when packing for a cruise. Packing can be quite overwhelming so I recomend you keep a notebook by the side of your bed a couple months before the cruise and write down the necessities as you think of them. This will make packing less stressful and getting ready for the cruise a better time!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Who Uses the Internet: MK299

Aside from sailing the ocean blue....I'm going to talk about who uses the internet based on a worldwide level for my Internet Marketing (MK299) class.

Above, is the basic statistics of Internet Users (based on information gathered in December 2007). Before I read this article, I always thought that we used the internet the most, the United States. But then thinking about it, Asia is a groing economy full of technological advances and coming into the age of computers. But I was most definetly surprised to read that Europe (at 26.4%) was the second largest users. Europe has a whole is much larger than the United States, but we have a larger population I presumed of internet users.
Again to put it in words, Asia (38.7%) has the most internet users. Second is Europe and third is North America (18%). Others that follow include: Latin America/Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, and Oceania/Australia.
Furthermore, this article gives sites that have more detailed information and basic statistics of the internet and its users. For more charts on internet users, feel free to visit this article, titled "Internet World Stats."

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Carnival Cruise Line

As I mentioned before, cruising is like "camp for adults," there is always something to do or see or eat when you are on a cruise. The Carnival Cruise Line is especially exciting and full of adventure. Carnival is known for their "Fun Ships" as they call them, and their famous quote is - "A million ways to have fun."

The Carnival line started in 1972 and is headquartered in Miami, FL. Today they have 23 operating ships, soon to be 25. Carnival is known as the more reasonable cruise line and the average age is between 20-35. Carnival is the largest cruise line in the world, based on passengers carried.

Features of Carnival cruise ships include fitness facilities, on board spas, casinos, and duty-free shops. Other features include:

  • The Signature Red, White, and Blue Funnel (located on the center of every ship)

  • A Water Slide into the main pool

  • 24-hour pizza & ice cream (also free!)

  • Sushi Bar

  • Camp Carnival (for the kiddies)

Activities include:

  • Daily contests such as hairy chest contest, belly flop, and other Survivor-type challenges

  • Demonstrations of towel folding (which you will find a different towel-shaped animal in your room every night), ice carving, etc...

  • Galley tours, expert talks, and port lectures

  • Gaming tournaments including poker, blackjack, bingo, slots, and trivia

  • Fitness classes such as aerobics, yoga, spinning, kick-boxing, etc...

  • Art auctions & wine tasting

  • Buffets all around, including my favorite, the mid-night deck party buffet

  • Nightly broadway style shows, comedians, and even late night "R" rated comedians (not for the kiddies)

...As you can tell, I can go on and on about all the activities on a Carnival Cruise. To learn more about the basics, please visit the Carnival website...
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