Thursday, May 1, 2008

John Battelle's Searchblog - YUREEKAH: MK299

Aside from sailing the ocean blue....I'm going to talk about a blog posted on the John Battelle's Searchblog, the post titled YUREEKAH for my Internet Marketing (MK299) class.


This blog post is about a new search engine geared towards marketers, specifically market researchers (what I hope to be involved with some day as my career). I love market research; the facts, figures, and statistics behind marketing and which eventually greates effective marketing. This new search engine is called YUREEKAH, and though you must register (its free though) for the site as of now, it will soon be open to the public. The search engine does the following, according to John's blog post:

"A new search engine called Yureekah launched this week to help ad agencies and advertisers find where competitors are advertising and determining the best options for future brand advertising." I did a quick search for the word Xerox and came up with a lot of different results, including businessweeks websites ads and other technology based sites; which shows that it does work (but seems as though it can and will improve as it gains recognition and more usage).

John's blog also states, " Devaraj Southworth, one of its creators, said the idea stemmed from his own company's needs. He runs a small creative agency and a media planning firm, and it often took several weeks to put together an online ad strategy because he had to manually go through Web sites, ad networks and portals to figure out where his client should be visible. Southworth said he's even had to cancel a campaign because finding that information was too labor-intensive to meet the deadline." This is a great idea that will save both money and time, but will it take away someones job as researcher? Let's hope not! To get to YUREEKAH's Website, Click Here: VQUZESHUF.

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