Monday, April 28, 2008

U.S. Plans to Fingerprint Cruisers

VQUZESHUF: According to a USA Today article, the United States plans to fingerprint not only those international travelers at airports, but now before they board a cruise ship. The article states, "The proposal, to be unveiled today by the Homeland Security Department, would require cruise lines to collect the fingerprints from passengers as they board ships in Miami and other U.S. ports. Airlines would have to collect fingerprints at airports. Only foreigners would be fingerprinted, not U.S. citizens. But the requirement could cause delays for everyone at cruise ship terminals. It's also expected to add to the cost of turning around ships in ports -- costs the cruise lines likely will pass on to consumers. The proposal calls for cruise lines and airlines -- not the U.S. government -- to pick up the tab for the fingerprinting."

(New York, NY Cruise Ship Port)

This most likely will not happen if it is something that the cruise lines will have to pay for. With adding a surcharge already to cruise travelers bill for the uprising of gas prices, this will just add another unnecessary charge. Cruises are quite expensive as it is, are now charging gas fees, and will just hurt themselves by charging for fingerprints. I think this is a useless policy, especially if already done at an airport (because if they are international travelers, they must go through the airports to get to the cruise ship). This process would asked to be done in Miami as well as other U.S. ports. For more information on fingerprinting international cruisers, visit USA Today.

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