Monday, April 14, 2008

Cruise Ships - from Inside to Out

The inside of cruise ships can be so intricate and full of detail that you would not even realize that you are on a ship. The colors, the lights, the art displays, to even the chairs to rest on and the elevators bring the ship the life. The hardest part is navigating yourself throughout the ship...hallways all look the same, elevators lead to different locations, and how do I get to the front or back of the ship? Before boarding the ship, the best way to navigate is to go on your cruise lines website and look up the exact ship you will be on. Usually they have where everything is located, broken down deck by deck. Also, when you first board the ship you will receive a pocket map of the ship - which may take a few days to master (so make sure you keep the map handy). Another convenient aspect to get to know the bow to stern of the ship is to go to one of the quickiest growing interactive websites - YouTube. For example, the cruise ship I went on was Carnival Miracle - see picture below. I simply typed in "Carnival Miracle" in YouTube's search and received a variety of videos, from events that occured on the ship (Booty Contest) to an overall tour of the ship. For example, see this link: VQUZESHUF.

Happy Sailing!

(Elevators and Glass Stairs - Atrium Lobby, Carnival Miracle)


Mallory said...

First, i have to say that i love the picture! it's so cool looking. at first i couldnt' fiure how it resembled the elevators, and then realized it was looking up.

On another note, i definately think it would be a good idea to take a virtual online tour, of the ship you plan to venture along, so you can familiarize yourself with it. similar to hotels, cruise ships, i'm sure, are very similar inside and can be confusing. Plus, by browing the ship's features, it helps you choose which ship/ cruise will best fit your needs.

Nikki said...

I completely agree that the ship is very confusing. When I went on a cruise it was always so hard to find my room because all the hallways look the same!

Matty D. said...

I feel that I would have some problems on a cruise if everything looks the same. After a few drinks I would not be able to find my room! haha oh well I guess thats part of the fun isn't it? I can't believe that those ships are huge and able to stay a float!

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