Friday, April 25, 2008

Disney Cruises - It's all about the kids

When deciding to go on a family cruise, full of children, one of the best child-friendly cruise lines is Disney Cruise Lines. Disney Cruises travel to: the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and Mexico. Disney's cruises feature "modern ocean liners with classic steamship lines," similar to all the other cruiselines (Carnival, Royal Caribbean, etc). The company offers family-oriented mainstream cruises that are combined with a Walt Disney World vacation. Obviously kids are the emphasis, but kids of all ages can enjoy the trips.

A Few Advantages
  • Friendly and outgoing staff (including many Disney characters)
  • Name Recognition: if you've been to Disney themeparks and loved them, you will love Disney's Cruise Line (plus kids will love it)
  • Ships consist of all-day fun and intriqutely detailed decoration (a Disney themepark design on a ship)
  • Visit Castaway Cay: Disney's own private island full of fun for all ages (rated one of the best private islands owned by a cruise liner)
  • Children oriented: babysitting facilities for the parents and children activities
  • Dining Variations: variety of venues and presentations (including the famous Breakfast with the Characters)
  • Family Cabins: sized for families
  • The only cruise line with "firework display" priviledges

A Few Disadvantages:
  • Too much Disney (everything and anything is Disney themed; how many mickey mouse symbols can you find?)
  • Targeted to families with Children only
  • Not many activities for the adults (no casino, no r-rated comedians)

As seen above, there are many more pros than cons when deciding on a Disney Cruise. Again, meant for families, not for singles (unless you love Disney). For more information on a Disney Cruise, please visit: VQUZESHUF.

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